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Today we discuss power tool health and saftey and what are the best power tools to stay safe. Each month we take a fresh look at the market to see what new options are available in the industry. Sometimes the newest models sweep us with compelling gadgets, and other times the classics hold their ground in longevity or reliability.

That being said, here is this month’s side-by-side comparisons of the best table saw reviews. If you want to see all table saw reviews instead of our top picks alone, visit our main table saw reviews homepage instead.h


Any honest table saw review must admit that the search for the “best table saw” is a very objective desire. Certainly there are things that make one table saw superior to another, but the best table saw is something only the consumer can gauge based on their particular needs. In order to stay honest to that, fact and in order to offer the most benefit to our readers, we will lay out the top few options based on specific areas of excellence and then outline those areas. For further reading check out this power tool safety article at

All three options fall into the portable table saw class, but the Bosch GTS1031 outpaces the competition with some important tweaks and additions to the stock concept of a table saw that has the bare ability to be moved. The first of these additions is the on-tool storage feature.

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