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Food Health – Food Items No Longer Safe To Eat

It appears that cancer of all kinds is on the upswing. The food we take generally sprayed with weed killer causing cancer. Undoubtedly these weed killer have adverse effects on human body.

High on the list of suspects is gyphosphate that is the most important part of a weed killer created by Monsanto. This provider is accountable for genetically modified crops and also the secret to their success is that the capacity to spray them using the entire compound to securely kill weeds but not the plants.

Wow!  This took away my breath.  Both my loved ones that perished weren’t just gardeners however they utilized the weed killer on a normal basis.  The business asserts that by preventing contact with the skin whilst spraying it’s safe to use.

food health

Scientific evidence now reveals, though, a connection between the solution and pancreatic cancer. The government has now banned its use in various countries. That follows reports that certain weeds, such as ryegrass, have become resistant to it.

It may also be because most fruits and vegetables have been known to take up the compound from the soil in which it may remain active for many weeks. The issue is how much of this weed killer is consumed by the plants over that the material is sprayed, either by hand and airborne sprayers.

There’s so much unknown about the solution and its impact on the food which we might be ingesting cancer causing toxins in only about everything.

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