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Deactivated Guns: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe

If you are looking to own a gun that does not fire for sentimental or any other reasons, then consider buying a deactivated gun. These guns can be displayed at home or used in firing blank shots. When it comes to displaying deactivated-firearms, it is important to mention that you do not even have to own a safe. Additionally you don’t require a gun license to own one. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase one in the EU and UK.

Read on to find out more about deactivated guns.

What Is A Deactivated Gun?

The term deactivated gun refers to any firearm that has been modified so that it can no longer fire any live missile or bullet. The act of deactivating a firearm is meant to be permanent. As such, the firearm is not supposed to be reactivated in future. However, it can be reactivated by a gunsmith with the necessary specialized skills and tools.

It is worth mentioning that deactivating a gun makes it legal to own even outlawed guns such as machine guns. This is possible as per the UK Firearms Act which provides that any deactivated weapon can no longer be deemed to be a firearm, in legal terms at least.

For a gun to be labelled, it must meet a set of strict requirements. The firearm must be assessed by a Proof House after which it can be endorsed as deactivated, proof marked and assigned a deactivation certificate. D&B Militaria can help you out with any deactivated guns and getting them done properly and safely. For further reading on this subject, click here.

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Types Of Deactivated Guns

It is worth noting that there two different classes available today; as separated by their date of deactivation. Firearms deactivated before 1995 and those done afterwards. Semi automatic rifles and sub machine guns deactivate before 1995 will still have their firing actions intact and in working condition. Furthermore, revolvers deactivated during this period will not have blocked cylinder holes and can therefore accommodate blank rounds.

On the other hand, rifles and submachine will not have working firing actions. Regulations in place require that these guns have welded firing actions. This means that you cannot be able to cock them. Furthermore, revolvers deactivated during this period will have blocked cylinder compartments meaning that they cannot accommodate blank rounds.

The above information will definitely come in handy when it comes to making a decision on whether to own one.

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