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Power Tool Health & Saftey

Today we discuss power tool health and saftey and what are the best power tools to stay safe. Each month we take a fresh look at the market to see what new options are available in the industry. Sometimes the newest models sweep us with compelling gadgets, and other times the classics hold their ground in longevity or reliability.

That being said, here is this month’s side-by-side comparisons of the best table saw reviews. If you want to see all table saw reviews instead of our top picks alone, visit our main table saw reviews homepage instead.h


Any honest table saw review must admit that the search for the “best table saw” is a very objective desire. Certainly there are things that make one table saw superior to another, but the best table saw is something only the consumer can gage based on their particular needs. In order to stay honest to that, fact and in order to offer the most benefit to our readers, we will lay out the top few options based on specific areas of excellence and then outline those areas. For further reading check out this article at tablesawgeeks.com.

All three options fall into the portable table saw class, but the Bosch GTS1031 outpaces the competition with some important tweaks and additions to the stock concept of a table saw that has the bare ability to be moved. The first of these additions is the on-tool storage feature.

Best Testosterone Boosters: Are they Healthy?

If you are like most guys, you have struggled building muscle for years, and are looking for a way to get the edge, and finally build some real size.  You have tried protein shakes, weight gainers, pills, exercises, and so much more, but just can’t get the look you want.  This is exactly the same situation I went through, before I stumbled upon a huge bodybuilding secret….

testEver since I was 14, I have wanted to look like the guys on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.  You know, the tan, ripped guy with a beautiful women holding onto him; I wanted to be that guy, but no matter how hard I tried, I could never get that look.  I tried creatine, whey protein, meal replacement shakes, and so much more. Are test boosters healthy? We discuss it here.

My body made minor improvements with these things, but nothing big happened, until one day I stumbled upon a secret….

It all started one morning at the gym.  It all started like any other morning, it was chest Monday.  I grabbed a bench just like I had always done before, and started my warm up.  It was a pretty busy day at the gym, and at my gym there were only 3 bench presses.

After my second warm up set, a guy walked up to me and asked if he could work in with me.  This guy was huge, and SHREDDED out of his mind.  He was exactly what I wanted to look like.

I told him “Sure man, you can work in.”

We started doing our sets and it didn’t take long for me to realize this guy was 10x stronger than me.  On my first working set, I worked with 185, and he worked with 275.  As our sets progressed, mine stopped at 225, and his kept going up.  This guy had stamina like I could not believe.  He just kept going.

By his 8th set, he was asking me to spot him for 5 reps at 385 pounds!  I was shocked when this guy completed 6 reps!

After doing those sets of bench press with this mystery muscle man, I decided I had to know his secret, I knew he was on something, and I wanted to know what it was, I just didn’t know how to bring it up…. After our sets of bench press, the guy asked me if I could watch his gym bag and water jug while he ran and took a piss really quick.  I said sure, and he walked away.  As soon as he walked away, I thought to myself, “This is my moment.”

I unzipped his gym bag and started rustling around, and there it was, his stack, staring at me right in the face.test 2

Being too curious, I opened the bottle to check it out, and at that exact same moment, the man was standing there, right in front of me, staring me in the face.

“What are you doing?”, the man said.

“You bag felt wet so I decided to open it and see if anything was leaking”.  That was the first excuse that came to me.

“Oh ok”.  The man seemed ok with my response.

“What’s that Elite Test 360 & Ripped Muscle X Stuff stuff?”  I just decided to throw it out there.

“It’s a new test booster stack I’m taking”, the man said.  “I got it online, and it kicks ass”.

“Where can i get some?”, I begged him

“It’s not available to the public right now, but I can see if I can get you a private link to it”, the man told me.

I jotted down his number, and texted him later that day, and he texted me a private link where I could get the stack.

After getting a private link to where I could get the stack, I ordered a bottle and decided to give it a try. You can buy some here, click here.

After getting it in the mail, I immediately popped 2 pills every day, for a week.

Over the first few days, I didn’t feel much.  Just felt normal, maybe a little more energy.  On the 4th day, Chest day, I started to notice the results.

Just a week before I ordered the Stack, my max set on bench was 225.  On this day, the 4th day of taking the two supplements, I was repping 225 x 12 on my 3rd set.  This shit worked, and it worked good.

test 2By my last set, on the first chest day after taking the best test booster I have ever seen, I performed 8 reps of 285 pounds, 60 pounds more than I had ever done in times past.

I ended up taking the stack for 4 weeks total.  In those 4 weeks I gained 18 pounds of rock solid muscle, and ended up seeing my abs for the first time in my life:

After getting such great results, I decided to let people in on my private links to the stack.  All I ask is that you make some comments below, and let people know how much this product has changed your life. For more reading check out our website testosteronegeeks.com. Also Wikipedia testosterone page

Health & Safety – ASMR research

asmrFirst began an fMRI investigation of ASMR as the topic of my thesis at Dartmouth. This was my first investigation into ASMR, and it focused on the different brain activations that accompany different types of ASMR videos.

February 2013: Decided to conduct a second study of ASMR specifically looking at the brain activation when participants reported experiencing the tingling sensation. Since this type of investigation would require specialized participants who could reliably experience ASMR while in the fMRI environment. I decided the best way to recruit these types of participants would be to post adds on ASMR forums. My post on the ASMR subedit recruited the majority of subjects for the study.

May 2013: Finished initial ASMR study and submitted the results as my senior honours thesis titled “Touched through a screen: putative neural correlates of the autonomous sensory meridian response”.

July 2013: Finished second study of ASMR (involving participants recruited through ASMR forums) and completed a first draft of the write up.
Status update: I have been getting a lot of emails from people asking to see the results of my research. Unfortunately, I can’t release any results since doing so could prevent the study from being accepted for publication. The process of writing up the research, editing, and submitting it for publication is taking much longer than I originally expected. I’m currently waiting to receive edits from the other authors of the study (my paper is queued up behind several other awaiting their revision). I will be sure to post any updates here.

Because I recruited subjects using online advertisements there has been some recent discussion of my research in the media specifically: The Atlantic, This American Life, The Verge, The Guardian, Nerve.com

My main research interest is the neurobiology of the reward system, and how we can use it to compliment rather than impede our lives. While the reward system is most often studied in terms of sex, food and drugs of abuse, I was curious how it was influenced by the internet. However, when I was trying to design a study for my senior honours thesis at Dartmouth College, I had a lot of difficulty building a model of internet addiction since different people are attracted to different parts of the internet for different reasons.

Then I remembered a peculiar YouTube video I had stumbled on several years earlier. A woman with perfectly manicured oyster-pink fingernails tapping on a large lightbulb.ASMR research 2

It was a popular video, but it wasn’t appealing the way you typically expect from YouTube videos. Reading the comments, I first discovered the term “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” or “ASMR” which is used to describe a pleasurable tingling sensation emerging from the back of the head in response to these types oddly satisfying videos.

While I myself do not experience the sensation, I was curious, almost envious, of those who did. I was also confused as to why there were no scientific investigations into a topic that was clearly important to so many people. Since these videos produced such a unique and consistent sensory response I decided to use these videos as stimuli in an fMRI study to better understand ASMR.

The neuroimaging lab where I was working primarily studies the brain areas associated with self, reward, and memory – however, it’s also known for its non-traditional studies, like the investigation of reward activation while playing World of Warcraft. I was fortunate that my principal investigator was willing to take a chance on such an unexplored topic, and eventually paired up with graduate student Sean Guillory to conduct the first fMRI investigation of ASMR.

ASMR has been receiving a large amount of media attention lately and I’ve been flooded with emails from people curious about the ASMR research I conducted at Dartmouth. Since it’s difficult to individually respond to everyone who contacts me, I’m starting this blog to provide updates on the progress of the research and answers a few common questions.