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Health & Safety – ASMR research

First began an fMRI investigation of ASMR as the topic of my thesis at Dartmouth. This was my first investigation into ASMR, and it focused on the different brain activations that accompany different types of ASMR videos. February 2013: Decided to conduct a second study of ASMR specifically looking at the brain activation when participants reported experiencing the tingling sensation. Since this type of investigation would require specialized participants who could reliably experience ASMR while in the fMRI environment. I decided the best way to recruit these types of participants…

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Power Tool Health & Saftey

Today we discuss power tool health and saftey and what are the best power tools to stay safe. Each month we take a fresh look at the market to see what new options are available in the industry. Sometimes the newest models sweep us with compelling gadgets, and other times the classics hold their ground in longevity or reliability. That being said, here is this month’s side-by-side comparisons of the best table saw reviews. If you want to see all table saw reviews instead of our top picks alone, visit…

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Best Testosterone Boosters: Are they Healthy?

If you are like most guys, you have struggled building muscle for years, and are looking for a way to get the edge, and finally build some real size.  You have tried protein shakes, weight gainers, pills, exercises, and so much more, but just can’t get the look you want.  This is exactly the same situation I went through, before I stumbled upon a huge bodybuilding secret…. Ever since I was 14, I have wanted to look like the guys on the cover of Men’s Health magazine.  You know, the tan,…

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