Gun Safety & Deactivated Guns

gun safety in 2018

Gun safety is something that needs to be taken extremely seriously. If your a gun owner you must make sure you have all the correct paper work and licenses but also somewhere like a gun safe to keep your weapons properly secure.

Many accidents can happen, especially with children, where they get hold of a gun that’s not properly secured. So the best solution is definitely a gun safe.

This article has lots of information about different types etc so I would advise you read it before purchasing a new gun safe, check it out here.

Checkout this awesome info graphic below, all about gun safety with children. Another option if you love guns is to buy deactivated ones.

Deactivated guns are basically guns that no longer fire bullets and are welded up on the inside so that it wont work properly anymore. They still look the same from the outside but they pose no threat for children.

D&B Militaria are a great company that I have used before, check their deactivated gun range here:


Children and Gun Safety

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